The Community:

Blue Ridge Post Office Town

Settled in the early 1920’s next to the new railroad, Blue Ridge is a hamlet in northwest Alberta, Canada within Woodlands County with a long history rooted in the logging industry. It is located on Highway 658, 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) north of Highway 43 and 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) south of the Athabasca River. It is midway between the towns of Whitecourt and Mayerthorpe and approximately 159 kilometres (99 mi) northwest of Edmonton.


A lumber mill to the north of Blue Ridge, operated by Blue Ridge Lumber Inc., is the main employer for the community. The hamlet also offers services to the oil and gas industry and the surrounding agricultural community.


As a designated place in the 2011 Census, Blue Ridge had a population of 239 living in 91 of its 98 total dwellings, a 14.9% change from its 2006 population of 208. With a land area of 2.99 km2 (1.15 sq mi), it had a population density of 79.93/km2 (207.0/sq mi) in 2011.
As of 2006, Blue Ridge had a total population of 208 living in 83 dwellings. With a land area of 2.99 km2 (1.15 sq mi), it has a population density of 69.6 /km2 (180 /sq mi).